President’s Message

A warm welcome to a new academic year full of “endless opportunities and limitless possibilities”. It is my hope that the desire to contribute meaningfully to humanity and to be a part of constructing knowledge that can solve problems and transform society, among others, will spur our academic pursuit to new heights.

The global pandemic has forced a shift in the way we do things. But it has also motivated us to think in new ways we never imagined. The ability to adapt, survive and succeed have been a few outstanding qualities well evinced throughout this period. To pursue academic excellence and build a vibrant scholarly community, we will need these qualities and more. And with these qualities, there is no gainsaying what we can achieve as individuals and as a community.

The AGS-HK aims, among others, to inspire scholarship and community among its members. To all who want to pursue their studies in Hong Kong, SAR, China, do not hesitate to take contact with me and my co-executives. We will be ready and happy to assist you.

A well-deserved praise, Ghanaian students in Hong Kong universities are famed for a high standard of excellence. I strongly urge us all to lengthen our stride in this regard and remain good ambassadors of AGS-HK and our country Ghana.

Do not be alone in this journey, stay safe, be healthy and make time for your faith (whatever it is) and extra-curricular activities.

Long live AGS-HK! Long live Hong Kong! Long live Macau! God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong!

Mr John Ganaah
Thank you Regards